On the Drawing Board- Andersonville Farm House
Posted March 7, 2017 at 10:48 am

A new project of ours brings us to the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. The exact age of the house has been a little difficult to determine. From what we can gather, some of the house dates to the 1870s but the bulk of the house was likely constructed in the 1880s. An old house that has managed to survive 130 years usually means more than a handful of owners have introduced their interpretation of an “improvement”. With this particular house, a previous owner decided to enclose the front porch which resulted in an aesthetically clumsy and not very functional unconditioned front room. We discovered masonry piers in the crawl space of the addition are a very  importation clue as to the original configuration of the front porch. Our proposed intervention utilizes the existing masonry piers which will support a new open front porch which was likely the original configuration. With new siding, roof, and facebrick on the masonry piers, we are on our way to bringing this old house back to her former glory.

Proposed Elevation

Existing Exterior



Proposed First Floor

Existing First Floor

Proposed Basement

Existing Basement

Proposed Kitchen




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