Posted August 31, 2016 at 8:14 pm

This is a single family residential project of ours Located in the Wicker Park Landmark District. This particular project is an 1880s masonry building, multi-unit conversion to single family residence which includes a frame addition. The Landmark status of the building required the reuse of the Chicago common brick which was removed from the back of the house to make way for the addition. In total, nearly twenty pallets of bricks were preserved for reuse on the front porch and rear deck of the house.

Chicago common bricks are frequently salvaged when an older building is demolished. Although Chicagoans are surrounded by this ubiquitous material, Chicago common bricks are no longer manufactured making them finite resource. They can be repurposed in their entirety or they can be sliced into thin slivers and reused as face brick.

This is a caption for this photo!

We’ve been working on this project for all of 2016 which makes this shot all the more beautiful!

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